“Cover” Letters Revisited

Other than acting as an introduction to your resume and to tell the employer what position you are applying for, what’s the purpose of a Cover Letter?

In the 9/3 New York Times, Jason Fried, , Chief Executive of Basecamp, a privately held web application company based in Chicago, gives us an inside look at their […]

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A Key to Success

Reverse Mentorships

In March 2015, I posted a blog on this site touting the value of the mentorship relationship and strongly advising our clients to commit to such a connection. Merriam-Webster defines a mentor as “Someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person.”

In a recent New York Times report […]

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Job Hopping


Education Life

Jeffrey Selingo 4/10/16 New York Times

Suzanne Rubel 6/21/16 CPDI


Or should it be called Job Shopping? In 2014 several researchers determined that “increased mobility in one’s 20’s leads to higher earning later in life.”


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “young adults born in the early 1980’s held, on average, six different jobs […]

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CPDI Counselors speak out…

We look forward to sharing our insights, tools and articles that will help you with your current work, a career change or a job search.

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