Reverse Mentorships

In March 2015, I posted a blog on this site touting the value of the mentorship relationship and strongly advising our clients to commit to such a connection. Merriam-Webster defines a mentor as “Someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person.”

In a recent New York Times report (9/11/16), Phylis Korki dispels this traditional understanding of mentorships. Traditionally, moving up in a company was a “linear progression.” Current data indicates that blending skills from complimentary fields is the secret ingredient more likely to help climb the success ladder! What can a forward-thinking older employee learn from a millennial who has been working in a related functional area? More and more, entrepreneurial top executives are finding younger and multi-faceted mentors to guide them.

Can these “reverse mentorships” work in a new direction? What better way to improve cross-generational respect, enhance employee relationships and build skills?