Services for Individuals

These are some of the questions and statements we hear from clients who want to make decisions about their career and their life.

Career Decision-Making

  • Can you help me make some decisions about next steps in my work; in my life?
  • I am bored with this career. Given my age, should I stick with it or can I still make a change?
  • Would moving to another city or state improve my situation?
  • Do I work part-time or full-time while raising a family?
Difficulty in making a career or life decision is often due to a lack of information – about oneself and/or about work options – as well as fear of change. We can help you acquire essential information for making decisions with self-assessment and career exploration.

Self-Assessment for Career Direction

  • I am stuck and I need help thinking about my priorities in my work and life.
  • Am I marketable and do I have the skills and experience that employers want?
  • What is a good fit for me?
Whether this is your first or your fifth time choosing a career direction, self-assessment is a process that will clarify what is important to you in your work and life. It involves reflecting on your experiences to gain a greater understanding of your needs and motivations. Throughout this process we will work with you to help you make informed, confident career and life decisions.

Exploring Career Options

  • I don’t know what my options are? What else is out there?

Once you have identified possible directions for your career, we can suggest where you can find information about career fields, work trends and salaries. We can discuss alternative ways to work, such as project work, starting a business or developing multiple income streams.

Your counselor can also propose strategies to develop and effectively access your network of personal and professional contacts, utilizing both traditional and digital forms of communication. We can help you prepare for informational interviews intended to provide more explicit information and act as a reality check during your exploration.

Job Searching

  • New to job searching or rusty?
  • Have a big gap in your work history or a not-so-great ending to your last job?
  • Have a problematic work history?
  • Uncertain about what to search for?
  • Afraid of rejection?
Any of these factors may get in the way of moving forward. Your counselor can help you tackle both emotional and logistical obstacles; clarify your short and long term goals; think through your approach and incorporate different strategies.  And we can help you to cultivate networking connections, use social media effectively and develop a cohesive self-presentation.

Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter > Your Brand

Your marketing materials need to work together so you stand out to a prospective employer as a candidate for their “definitely interview” list.

  • Have you been sending out your resume but not getting a positive response?
  • Do you find yourself blocked when it comes to writing a cover letter?
  • Do you need help improving your LinkedIn profile?
Well-developed resumes and cover letters are targeted, tailored, and communicate your relevant strengths and accomplishments to an employer. Your LinkedIn profile communicates your brand and allows you to introduce yourself in a more visible, creative and approachable way.

We can work with you to identify your strengths, achievements and key qualifications to incorporate in your resume and cover letter.  We can also help you make the necessary changes for your resume when you are making a shift in your work and/or career.

Interview Coaching

  • Are you nervous about interviewing?
  • Are you unsure how to prepare?
  • Are you reluctant to “sell” yourself?
  • Does your mind go blank?
Being clear and organized about what you want to communicate will make all the difference.

Your counselor can help you examine any fears or inaccurate beliefs that may hold you back from communicating effectively. You will learn how to structure responses to questions, formulate questions for interviewers and to be aware of non-verbal communication. Working with your counselor will help you feel more confident in presenting yourself.

Creating a Marketing Strategy and Plan

Does the thought of marketing yourself feel overwhelming?  The key is to be clear about your objective and how best to communicate what you are looking for.

  • Do you need help clarifying your objective?
  • Do you think your work history is complicated and difficult to explain?
  • Are you unsure where to begin?
  • Do you hate the thought of networking?
  • Would you like help composing your message?
Your counselor can help you clarify your objective, identify appropriate strategies and develop a realistic marketing plan. He/she will help you feel focused and work through any concerns you might have about reaching out to prospective contacts. You will feel confident about what to communicate as you integrate using social media with personal connections.


Do you spend a lot of time staring at your computer wondering what to focus on when you are researching your next job, next career or how to start a business?  Information is the secret ingredient that often is the missing link to help you reach the next step in your search.

  • I don’t know where to begin.
  • What should I target? Companies, positions, industries?
  • Where do I get this information?
We can help you identify what to research and where to locate the resources to help you gain the information you need to take the next step to reach your goal.

Workplace effectiveness

Do you enjoy your work but find the work environment is not a good fit? Can you identify the problem? Is it your boss, co-workers, the structure, culture or a conflict with your values?

  • I find communicating with my boss and/or co-workers to be difficult.
  • I don’t think our group/organization has clearly defined goals.
  • I’m not sure that my boss has any idea of what I’ve accomplished.
  • There is little structure or process and things rarely get done.
  • My boss does not like change and so is resistant to suggestions.
  • My team doesn’t work well as a team.
  • I need to find a way to accept the situation and effective coping strategies should I decide to stay.
Your counselor can help you work through issues like these to create a work environment that is a more compatible fit for you.

Professional Development

Do you often think: Is it time for something new? We’re ready to support you through all the steps to move forward. Professional development is a pathway to that something new!

People often say things like:

  • I’ve hit a wall.
  • I feel stuck.
  • I’m bored or burnt out.
  • What’s next and how do I get there?

Professional development can encompass:

  • On the job training
  • Training programs at work
  • Classes/workshops
  • A Certificate program
  • An Advanced degree
  • Having a mentor
  • Expanding your responsibilities
Your counselor can help you decide what’s next for you professionally and the best professional development strategies for your particular situation.