Evolving; growth; shift; movement; change between phases

A transition is a process that happens over time, even if it sometimes seems to have been set in motion rather suddenly. It involves ending one phase of experience and moving into another and often includes a period of uncertainty. Transition can be felt as positive or negative—as well as a mixture of both.

Transition can cause many fluctuating emotions about future possibilities, ranging from anxiety and fear to excitement and optimism.

Our counselors will provide guidance and support as you move through your particular transition.

Taking those first steps can be challenging.  People feel stuck for any number of reasons. Do these situations feel familiar?

Considering returning to school for further education

Seeking your first job or returning to work after a hiatus

Wanting to change jobs or careers

Moving geographically

Shifting from individual contributor to manager, or the other way around

Getting a promotion or demotion or new supervisor

Losing or leaving a job

Getting married or divorced; having a family

In recovery

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