Bold; fearless; movement; accomplishment; achievement; willing to step outside comfort zone

Take the steps to have more positive and satisfying experiences in your work and your life.

Achieving a goal — making a career change, finding a new job, improving a current work, moving forward in your life — involves a combination of reflection and action. The action part can be both exciting and provoke anxiety. Your counselor can help you gauge when you are ready to take action and when you may need more information before moving forward.  In either case we provide support, encouragement, insight and perspective so that your actions are well thought out and effective.

We can help you to get started to make the changes you want in your life.

Taking those first steps can be challenging.  People feel stuck for any number of reasons. Do these thoughts sound familiar?

I don’t know how to get started.

It seems really scary and a big risk—what if I make the wrong choice?

How do I get from here to there? What are the steps?

I want to make a career change, but I need a job now.  How do I do both?

I am overwhelmed, have too many things going on and I feel stuck.

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