Wendy Saccuzzo



Hi there, and welcome!

I’m Wendy, and I’m a career counselor (aka, career strategist) specializing in career transition.   My approach is holistic and  humanistic- our personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined.  Maybe you’re here because you’re going through some stuff in your personal life and it’s affecting your career, or you’re not sure what to do next in your career.   I have a graduate degree in counseling with a focus on career development, and if we work together, we can talk about things like:

  • The power of effectively telling your story- this helps you built relationships with people you meet, and can lead to career ideas and connections.  This is where personal brand and cultivating that online presence is so important.
  • Increasing your self-awareness, which leads to better career satisfaction- what are your interests, skills, and values?

  • If you’ve already identified a career goal, we can work on preparing a strategy for job search and interviews.

A few testimonials:

“Wendy was the catalyst in my career transition to tech by using innovative writing exercises and tools to help me effectively set a goal I thought I could never reach. Her pro-coaching literally changed my life and I am now in the career I have always been passionate about. Somehow she knew this from our first meeting.”

“I approached Wendy for assistance with a career change, specifically helping me tailor my resume and interviewing to move away from IT leadership into a more service-based role. Wendy quickly recognized where I needed guidance and we spent all of our time together exploring those areas. My interviews after speaking with her were better across the board than the interviews I’d previously done, and I trace it directly to her advice. She helped me see my presentation with fresh eyes and showed me how to bring forward my best and most relevant traits, with superior results.”

Diversity and inclusion in tech are important to me, and I am doing my part to change the ratio in tech as Director of Career Services at Hackbright Academy, the software engineering school for women in San Francisco.  Prior to that, I helped build engineering teams in early stage startup companies at Riviera Partners, I worked in higher education with student athletes, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars, and I was even once a realtor!   I’m  also involved with Women Who Code- San Francisco as Director of Career Development, where I lead meet-ups on career development in tech, and I’m a member of the National Career Development Association.    It may sound like I knew exactly what I was doing along my own career path, but don’t be fooled- rather, I subscribe to the idea of Happenstance- that we each have the ability to create and take advantage of unplanned events in our lives.

When I took my first counseling class in graduate school, I wasn’t sure what would come next for me in my career as a counselor.  One of my classmates gave a presentation on the power of visualization, asking us to think about a day without restrictions- what would it look like?  I joined the class in closing my eyes and walking through my ideal career day, and then journaled about it.   What a powerful evening that was!  Suddenly, I had a loose plan to work toward, and a few specific goals I wanted to achieve long term.  This sense of purpose and the activity of goal setting gave me a newfound motivation.  Today, as a career counselor, I use similar exercises with my own clients to help them gain more self-awareness about their own career goals.

How about you- what motivates you?  We can work on identifying that and setting your own goals.

A little more about me- I’m a parent to some fantastic young people navigating their way out in the big world of elementary school.  Being a parent and a professional is challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s hard to navigate the balance between personal and professional, and this is one of my key values.  Maybe this is important to you, too.  We can talk about that, too.    When I’m not working, I keep my work/life balance value alive by hiking, traveling, listening to podcasts, and reading far too many blogs.  You can follow me on Twitter @aboutworkstuff, or learn more about me on LinkedIn.  I look forward to hearing your story and helping you figure out what comes next.

Email me at aboutworkstuff@gmail.com or call 415-982-2636 Ext. 8.