Suzanne Rubel, M.A.


Counselor, Educator and Trainer


Jigsaw puzzles, especially the colossal ones with hundreds of pieces, have always been exciting challenges to me. The process of finding a satisfying career is similar in so many ways. Even when some of the pieces are missing, if we can construct a border that lends definition to the puzzle, a pleasing picture will begin to reveal itself. To effectively complete the puzzle, we need motivation, energy, and some practical strategies to keep on course. I will add imagination, intuition, structure, and over twenty years of career development training experience to ensure the pieces of the puzzle come together for a good fit.

With an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and Education from Northwestern University and a background in university, non-profit, and private career counseling, I have guided culturally diverse clients of all ages in career transition. Having taught classes and led workshops in subjects as varied as Salary Negotiation and Job Search Strategies, I am versatile in my areas of expertise.

Whether your puzzle is entitled “Rethinking My Work Options,” “Life-Work Balance,” or has another name, we can blend our skills to complete a clear and well-defined picture.

Career Fields of Specialization (Local, National and International)
Art, Career Choices after Fifty, Communications, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Humanities, Human Resources, Journalism, Non-Profits, Non-Traditional Careers, Psychology, Public Relations, Publishing, Social Work, and Writing.


  • Bay Area Career Center
  • Career and Personal Development Institute
  • California Career Development Association
  • Career Planning and Adult Development Network
  • Northwestern Univesity
  • San Francisco State University
  • Vanguard Public Foundation

Contact Information

Phone: 415-398-4881 ext. 360