Dinorah Meyer, MS, NCC, RYT

Holistic Career Counseling, From the Inside Out


As a counselor, I am motivated by a desire to help people feel more fulfilled in their lives and at home and at peace with themselves.

My approach is holistic:

  • While we may focus on work issues, I offer space to look at these within the context of your whole life situation, acknowledge ways in which different parts of it affect one another, and look for ways to improve the overall picture.
  • We may review experiences and relationships in your family of origin and aspects of your background (e.g., family education and work history, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomics), which can illuminate factors that influence your career beliefs, expectations, choices, and decisions and bring insights that can help you move forward in a more conscious, informed, and deliberate manner.
  • In addition to applying my traditional Western counseling education (MS in Counseling) and experience, as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), I draw from my training in Eastern concepts and practices to engage you as a whole, interconnected person – mind, body, heart and soul – in exploration and problem-solving. As we work together, I may suggest yoga tools that offer complementary therapeutic benefits – principles such as self-compassion and non-attachment and experiences such as guided breathing and visualization, progressive relaxation, and physical poses that can help you become more self-aware, gain clarity, manage stress, and feel more empowered. In turn, you will be able to draw on these tools as you prepare for and engage in practical challenges such as presenting your accomplishments at job interviews or performance reviews.

What I mean by career counseling from the inside out:  Making a change, especially a significant one, usually entails looking inward. With all the influences and pressures that can play a part (even bombard us) in our decision-making, it can be difficult to know what we want, and thus, to take action. Engaging in reflection and introspection enables us to clarify our true desires and values, take stock of our inner resources, identify our unique combination of skills and abilities, recognize our vulnerabilities, and take these into account in envisioning and pursuing the roles we want to play in the world.

I also subscribe to the principle of Planned Happenstance, the idea of following your curiosity. If you know what you are interested in, you will naturally notice opportunities that speak to those interests and be able to take advantage of them more readily when they arise.

In addition to 20+ years in private practice, I have been providing career counseling for students at UC Berkeley since 2004. Currently, I work with undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Environmental Design, as well as graduate students in the Master of Design Program. Along with counseling individuals, I have offered integrative workshops for UC Davis, Hackbright Academy, Purusha Yoga, and the Association for Women in Science, bringing together my knowledge of career development and yoga.

What clients have said about working with me:

“If you’re looking for a guide to help you create the life and career you want, I whole-heartedly recommend working with Dinorah! With her unique mix of career counseling and yoga, Dinorah looked beyond my resume to see the whole picture and the whole person. She helped me define my purpose, show up better professionally, and make a plan to achieve my goals. Her yoga lessons taught me to listen to my body’s innate wisdom and practice consistent self-care at work. She offers the perfect balance of embodied career support. It has transformed my relationship to work and greatly improved my work/life/body balance.

Over the last nine years, whenever I’ve needed extra support to level up or transition my career, I’ve called Dinorah. She is a steady, kind, and knowledgeable mentor. Beyond being effective, it is a true pleasure to work with her. She’s creative, direct, and intuitive with a dry sense of humor. Dinorah has helped me navigate numerous internal and external roadblocks. If you’re on a new career path, or just want a new perspective, you couldn’t ask for a better co-pilot!”

~ Artist, Educator, and Social Impact Startup Founder

“Dinorah patiently and thoughtfully guided me through a major career change. She was an excellent listener and very perceptive as she worked with me to identify my goals, my talents, and my ambitions. She helped me repackage my skills and work history to demonstrate to prospective employers that my skills not only translated to other industries but made me an appealing out-of-the box candidate. This involved overhauling my resume, seeking informational interviews, volunteering and freelancing in order to further develop my portfolio, and improving my interviewing skills. And during that process, Dinorah adapted readily as my personal and professional situations changed, using a holistic approach in helping me to refocus my job search to meet new work and life conditions.”

~ Communications Director

“I’m so grateful to Dinorah for her help in my job search. When I first began working with Dinorah, I was feeling “stuck” professionally. I knew I needed to make a change but wasn’t sure of the right direction. Dinorah helped me crystallize exactly what kind of role I was looking for. Once my goals were more clearly defined, she helped me craft an outcomes-based resume and profile that emphasized my value to prospective employers and targeted the skills and strengths I most wanted to use. If you have the opportunity to work with Dinorah, I highly recommend you take it!”

~ Documentation Engineering Manager

“Dinorah is intuitive, present, fun, patient, compassionate, and practical. Through her, I saw the strengths and patterns in my nonlinear creative career. And she was curious and insightful about my whole self, including my relationships with friends and family who I needed to include in my career planning. I always felt comfortable discussing anything with Dinorah. She saw the value in my experience and communities and offered excellent advice about how to evaluate and pursue career opportunities. In addition to being an expert at connecting mind and body, and accessing broad vision, she is amazing at connecting people, and precise with details. When I look back at our work together, I am so grateful for Dinorah’s profound support.

Through integrating concepts and practices from yoga into her career counseling, Dinorah helped me cultivate better relationships with myself and others. She was a wonderful guide throughout the process of personal exploration and transformation, leading me through the yogic practices of ahimsa (non-harm to self or others), satya (truthfulness), pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (poses and movement), and visualization. I learned what to do when a negative emotion arises, bringing awareness to it without judgment. This allowed me to feel calmer, to accept the truth of what I really want, and to expand my sense of possibility. We practiced yoga poses together that made me feel grounded, fluid, and powerful.”

~ Artist, Writer

I am happy to discuss your situation with you briefly before you make an appointment. Call me at 415-982-2636, ext. 5 or email me at dinorah_meyer@cpdicareercounseling.com.

I look forward to speaking with you.