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Jeffrey Selingo 4/10/16 New York Times

Suzanne Rubel 6/21/16 CPDI


Or should it be called Job Shopping? In 2014 several researchers determined that “increased mobility in one’s 20’s leads to higher earning later in life.”


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “young adults born in the early 1980’s held, on average, six different jobs between the ages of 18 and 26. Today one in three in their 20’s change occupations annually compared with one in 10 in previous generations. It now is being recommended that higher mobility in one’s 20’s leads to higher earnings later in life.”


I often work with candidates in the first stages of their work experience and, as their counselor, witness the result of their frequent moves. When I hear reports from those successful in their job search, I recognize that changing jobs has afforded them the ability to prove their adaptability. Moreover, they can cite examples of their accomplishments and the range of skills they have mastered at their various workplaces. And, most important, they have clarified their needs and identified a career field most relevant to their personal skills, values and interests! All told, this track record may reduce the importance of length of time on a job and justify the promise of higher earnings!


Suzanne Rubel