CPDI - Career and Personal Development Institute of San Francisco

Career & Personal Development Institute: Goodbyes & New Ventures


Dinorah Meyer, MS; Kathy Knudson, MS, MFT, and Sheila Weisblatt, MS, the most recent colleagues at the Career & Personal Development Institute (CPDI), closed the Hobart Building office in San Francisco’s Financial District during the pandemic. We have continued our work virtually, and ultimately, after much consideration, decided to move forward individually with our own private practices.


As of January 1st, 2023, we are saying goodbye to CPDI, the group, which for 43 years has supported individuals and organizations through their workplace and career transitions. It has been a wonderful experience collaborating in running a group practice and working with interesting and amazing colleagues.


Though we are not ‘CPDI’ individually, we approach our work with the same professionalism, compassion, and expertise we brought to our clients at CPDI.


Here is our contact information going forward:


Dinorah Meyer: dinorah.m.meyer@gmail.com, LinkedIn


Kathy Knudson: (415) 982-2636, kathy.knudson@kathyknudson-mft-mhc.com


Sheila Weisblatt: (415) 436-0343, sheila@momentumcareers.com, momentumcareers.com, LinkedIn


We also say goodbye on behalf of former CPDI colleagues:

Robert Chope, PhD

Norm Meshriy, MS

Suzanne Rubel, MA

Chris Pohalski, MS

Wendy Saccuzzo, MS